Data Scientist

We’re seeking a Data scientist to work with our research team in Gothenburg, Sweden. You will be responsible for applying analytics techniques from traditional statistics to data engineering and machine learning for financial applications. Machine learning techniques will include familiarity from the following areas: time series analysis, supervised learning, pattern detection, natural language, reinforcement learning and neural networks.

At Markov Capital your responsibility will be to leverage machine learning and deep learning models to solve market microstructure problems in areas such as natural language processing, time series predictions and multi agent environments.

You are a very responsible person, both on individual level and as part of a team. You love to share, debate and communicate with team members to find the best solutions to challenging problems, you walk the extra mile to find the ‘perfect’ solution. Complex analytical problems motivates you.

This role requires a variety of capabilities including:
  • MS or PhD in a quantitative discipline, eg. statistics, mathematics, computer science, economics
  • 2-5 years of experience developing statistics models and machine learning models
  • Strong ability to develop in Python, specifically using pandas, numpy
  • Experience in deep learning: DNN, CNN, RNN/LSTM, RL
  • Disciplined approach to code management testing and deployment practices
  • Entrepreneurial spirit and passion for financial markets
  • Experience in algorithmic trading, including market impact modelling, market microstructure and short term central risk management
  • Worked on a large scale scientific software project